Providing top quality search and rescue resources is expensive!

K-9 Emergency Response Teams is a 501c3 organization; all donations are tax deductible.  Members pay for all training and equipment out of their own pocket and receive no compensation for deploying on searches.  It costs up to $7500 to train one dog/handler team from procurement of a puppy to evaluation/certification.  This does not include the time put in by the handler and other team members, or the cost of the gas to drive to and from trainings.  In addition to equipment, veterinary expenses, food and the cost of the puppy itself, handlers must receive training and certification in basic search skills.  The dog/handler team must attend obedience classes and other outside seminars and workshops- all of these cost money.  Members also frequently attend public relations events and teach search and rescue prevention programs at schools, churches, children's groups, etc.

KERT also has team expenses associated with team equipment (trailer, radios, laptop, etc.) and advertising our service to agencies.

Donations from groups and individuals can assist KERT in continuing to provide this valuable community service free of charge to law enforcement, EMS and the families and loved ones of missing persons in the upper midwest.  If you can help out with a donation of any of the items on the lists below, or if you wish to make a monetary donation please call                (920)8827895 or e-mail  We will be happy to target monetary donations toward a specific item or category such as equipment, training, etc.

We also have a constant need for new training areas- buildings, rubble, large acreage with woods, fields, ponds, etc.- if you would like to give us permission to train on your property please call or e-mail: (KERT is fully insured for liability and accidental injury)

Fox Valley and Wausau areas-, (920)8827895

Burnett/Polk counties-, (715)4882846


K-9 Expenses

Cost of K-9:                                                                                $500 (avg.)

Yearly routine veterinary care:                                                 $300

Emergency veterinary care:                                                        ?

Microchip (with registration):                                                    $75

Food/year:                                                                                 $500

Obedience class:                                                                        $75-100

Leashes, collars, harness, vest, etc.                                         $300

Dog crates:                                                                                 $250


Handler Expenses

Field pack with contents:                                                        $300

Compass:                                                                                  $30

Fundamentals of Search & Rescue class:                                 $150

K-9 seminar cost (per 5 day seminar):                                     $500

Certification test fees:                                                            $150

GPS:                                                                                         $200

Boots (2 pair):                                                                          $300

Hard hat:                                                                                  $150

BDU pants (3 pair):                                                                  $100

Extra uniform t-shirts, sweatshirts:                                         $80

Miscellaneous equipment (gaiters, radio harness, snowshoes,  tracking stick, batteries, ice crampons, etc.)                                                                       $250


Team expenses

Laptop computer:                                                                    $600

Insurance/yr:                                                                           $250

Pager/yr:                                                                                  $150

Trailer upkeep/yr:                                                                   $100

Business cards, brochures, etc:                                               $500

Uniform t-shirts:                                                                      $300

Radio with battery:                                                                  $400 each

Medical/veterinary kit:                                                            $1000


Wish List- items that are needed to help us provide the the best service possible

New laptop computer with mapping program


Jon boat with gas and trolling motor and trailer

Tuition for K-9 Search Specialist Class held at Disaster City in Texas ($1500/handler)

6X6 utility vehicle with trailer

Dog crates for team trailer

Veterinary insurance for team K-9's