K-9 Kayla: 1993-2004

Kayla was a gentle Shepherd with a sweet spirit who loved to work.  She was certified through KERT and ISART in area, trailing and cadaver search and had two convictions and numerous recoveries to her credit.  She was a diligent worker and a joy to watch in the field.  Kay was also a fantastic companion who could often be seen  at her handler's feet when not working.


K-9 Dutchess: 1992-2003

Dutchess was a great partner who was certified through NASDN, NOCDS and KERT in area, trailing and cadaver search.  With over 200 searches under her collar, she had numerous recoveries and one conviction to her credit.  Dutch taught me what an incredible bond a person can have with their K-9 partner.  All business in the field, she was referred to by the team as the "fun police."  I will miss her always.



K-9 Dodger: 12/25/00-09/23/07

Dodger was a truly versatile dog, excelling not only in virtually every SAR discipline but in conformation, agility, obedience and retriever tests.  Tireless, the only time he was ever satisfied were the three weeks we spent in New Orleans' Lower 9th Ward during the Hurricane Katrina clean-up.  He worked 7 days a week, 6 hrs. a day; when we tried to give him a day off he refused to get in his crate, instead going down the street, searching houses by himself.  Although his career was cut short by cancer he had numerous recoveries and one live find to his credit.  Not to mention the countless toys he "liberated" from the back of teammates vehicles!

Dodger, your sweetness and boundless enthusiasm is greatly missed; you will always be "Forever Young." 

 K-9 Langley: 2001-2008

Langley was a fast-working Golden with tireless  energy and boundless joy.  He Loved people!  A big hit at every PR, he was the goodwill ambassador for KERT.  Certified in area search and land/water cadaver, he had several recoveries to his credit over the years.  Langley is missed by all who knew him.


K-9 Trace: 2004-2010

Trace is known as a diligent trailing dog with a fast pace and a sweet temperament.  He loved to work and often voiced his objection to other dogs working from the back of the van!  He was retired due to Progressive Retinal Atrophy, (an inherited eye disease that is slowly robbing him of his sight); his last case led to a conviction of a sex offender. 

Trace passed away suddenly in 2010.   

 Seven of Dori's eleven years were served as an air-scenting dog.  She was great at it and loved searching.  She gave all she had.  In my eyes Dori was "the best air-scent dog in the world."  I miss her tons.  Love you "Crackhead."